Today, 31st July, is "Hari Pahlawan" - a day that the nation remembers and pays tribute to the members of the Security Forces who have died in the line of duty.

Until 2010, the annual ceremony was held at the National Monument in the Lake Gardens area of Kuala Lumpur. SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong accompanied by the Prime Minister, the Chiefs of the Armed Forces, Army, Navy and the Air Force, the Inspector General of Police and the President of PBTM would lay the wreaths in remembering the fallen heroes, with the recital of the "doa", the declaration of the "sajak" and the solemn sounding of the "Last Post" and the "Rouse" in front of the monument.

In addition to this ceremony, the Friday prayer before the day of the "Hari Pahlawan" at the Masjid Negara, Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere would carry the sermon dedicated to the fallen heroes and our Security Forces. A "Majlis Tahlil & Doa Selamat" was also held on the night before the day of the "Hari Pahlawan" in the same venue, with the presence of SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong and other high officials.

Since 2010 the laying of the wreath in front of the monument was no longer held. Instead, a parade was held at the "Dataran Merdeka" with a display of the fight against the communist terrorists etc. A new "Dataran Pahlawan" was to be built but to-date no progress has been made.

This year, the Friday prayer was held on Friday, 26 July 2013 at the Masjid Negara, Kuala Lumpur and the "Majlis Tahlil & Doa Selamat" was held last night, Tuesday, 30 July 2013 at the same venue with the presence of SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong and other high officials.

Since the "Hari Pahlawan" this year falls in the month of Ramadan, the launching of the "Rayuan Hari Pahlawan - 2013" will be held after the Hari Raya on a date to be announced. In 2012, a sum of over RM6 million was collected. The fund was used to assist the less fortunate amongst the Armed Forces veterans and their families, who were in dire need of financial and other assistance to get on with their lives. With effect from this year the "Rayuan Hari Pahlawan" will be handled back by PBTM and no longer by JHEV.

This year the "Lahad Datu Heroes' Fund" also raised some amount and donations were made to the families of the eight fallen heroes and a number of the injured personnel in the Lahad Datu intrusion.

Let us pause a while to remember our fallen comrades who have given their lives, and our injured and maimed comrades who have lost their limbs and sight, in protecting this great nation against the armed communists during the Emergency days, the armed intruders during the Konfrontasi days and the recent armed intrusion in Lahad Datu. It was their role in bringing back the security of the country that peace prevailed and continue to prevail, and the economic and political development of the country could be achieved to what they are today. Let their sacrifices and the well being of their families not be forgotten and taken for granted, and let peace continue to prevail in this country we all love - Malaysia.

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