AGM 2012 - Report

The Annual General Meeting of the Retired Armed Forces Officers' Club (RAFOC) - 2012 was successfully held on Saturday, 19 May 2012 at 1430 hours at Dewan Hikmat, Maktab Turus Angkatan Tentera (MTAT), Haigate, Kuala Lumpur with Jen Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ghazali bin Dato' Mohd Seth, (Bersara), President of RAFOC as Chairman.

Present were fifteen Committee Members and 97 ordinary members. It was good to see our RAFOC members of various ranks, regiments/corps and intakes from the three Services, turning up for the meeting. Seven retired Armed Forces officers registered as new members before the meeting.

Whilst waiting for the meeting to start, 15 members took time to get their Kad Bekas Tentera, for them and their wives, done in situ - a facility provided by JHEV and arranged by our RAFOC Secretariat, for the convenience of our RAFOC members.

Prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting, Kept Yee Tai Peng, TLDM, the Chief Directing Staff (CDS) gave a briefing on MTAT, the course being conducted, the student and staff population in MTAT. Brig Jen Dato' Ismet Nayan bin Ismail, Commandant MTAT, was also present. In his welcoming address, Dato' Ismet Nayan invited RAFOC to initiate a sponsor programme for the overseas students in MTAT in the coming year.

  Jen Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ghazali bin Dato' Mohd Seth, (Bersara), President of RAFOC called the meeting to order at 1500 hours. In his opening speech, he thanked the members for their presence and touched on the progress of RAFOC since the last Annual General Meeting.
The meeting passed the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 7 May 2011, the Annual Report for the year 2011 and the Audited Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2011. The meeting also passed (for the second time) a resolution to change the name of RAFOC from "Kelab" to "Persatuan", subject to the approval of the Registrar of Societies Malaysia.

In the absence of any new nominations, the following who agreed to continue to be in the Committee, were re-elected into the Executive Committee for the coming 2-year term 2012-2014 :

  • President
    - Jen Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ghazali bin Dato' Mohd Seth, (Bersara)
  • Vice President
    - Kapt Tan Sri Ahmad bin Johan, (Bersara)
  • Honorary Secretary
    - Lt Kol Dato' Nawawi bin Mat Desa, (Bersara)
  • Committee Members
    - Jen Tan Sri Mohd Sahahrom bin Dato' Hj Nordin, (Bersara)
    - Mej Jen Dato' Ahmad bin Ibrahim, (Bersara)
    - Mej Jen Dato' Nordin bin Yusof, (Bersara)
    - Mej Jen Dato' Yahya bin Bidin, TUDM, (Bersara)
    - Lt Kdr Puan Hean Sim, (Bersara)
The other members who were elected in 2011 and continue to be in the Executive Committee until the next Annual General Meeting in 2013 are:
  • Deputy President
    - Jen Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abd Rahman bin Abd Hamid, (Bersara)
  • Vice Presidents
    - Lt Jen Dato' Seri Abd Ghani bin Abd Aziz, TUDM, (Bersara)
    - Laksda Dato' Yaacob bin Daud, (Bersara)
  • Honorary Treasurer
    - Mej Dato' Mohd Said bin Harun, (Bersara)
  • Committee Members
    - Mej Jen Datuk Abd Kadir bin Nordin, (Bersara)
    - Mej Jen Dato' Abd Malek Shahar bin Harun, TUDM, (Bersara)
    - Kept Tajudin bin Yahya, TLDM, (Bersara)
    - Lt Kol Ramli bin Kinta, (Bersara)
    - Mej Ganeson a/l Alwar, (Bersara)
We hope the younger members will offer themselves to serve in the Committee at the next Annual General Meeting. In the meantime, we will be inviting them into the various Sub-Committees.

  • Auditors. The meeting unanimously elected as auditors for the year 2012-2013, the following:
    - Jen Tan Sri Borhan bin Ahmad, (Bersara) and
    - Kapt Mazlan bin Jamaludin, (Bersara)
  • Board of Appeal. Three others were elected to the Board of Appeal, namely:
    - Mej Jen Dato' Shahrudin bin Mohd Ali, TUDM, (Bersara),
    - Mej Jen Dato' Mohd Yunus bin Long, (Bersara) and
    - Mej Abd Razak bin Hashim, TUDM, (Bersara).

  There were no resolutions submitted by members but the Chairman allowed members to give their views and suggestions on various issues. These would be considered and deliberated by the Exco in its coming meeting.

Prior to the adjournment of the meeting, Mej Jen Dato' Zulkiflee bin Mazlan, Ketua Pengarah JHEV AT, addressed the meeting and updated those present on the various issues related to the veterans' affairs including Akta Veteran, Tabung Rayuan Hari Pahlawan, Farmasi Veteran, "imbohan" for the non-pensioned etc. Dato' Zulkiflee also handed over a donation of RM15,000 from the Rayuan Hari Pahlawan Fund 2011 to RAFOC for its welfare activities. Our thanks to Dato' Zulkiflee for coming to the meeting to show his concern on the well being of our retired Armed Forces officers through RAFOC, in spite of his tight schedule earlier.

The meeting was adjourned at 1730 hours after the closing address by Jen Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abd Rahman bin Abd Hamid, our Deputy President on behalf of the President. This was followed by a group photograph and tea reception at Wisma Perwira MTAT.

Our thank you to Brig Jen Dato' Ismet Nayan bin Ismail, Commandant MTAT, for his approval for the use of MTAT facilities for our meeting and the Wisma Perwira for the tea reception after the meeting. Our thanks also to Kept Yee Tai Peng, TLDM, (CDS), Lt Kol Chandran (SO1 Coord), Lt Kol Mohd Sofi bin Md Lepi (PMC), Mej Rosli bin Muhammad (Ejutan) and PW1 Anthony a/l Jelani (RSM) and their able staff for their assistance in preparing the facilities and reception for our meeting and tea. It was indeed nostalgic to be back at yet another military establishment - for some, being their first time in MTAT.

Our thanks also to the Committee Members and our RAFOC Secretariat in the preparation of the documents and other administrative arrangements to ensure the success of the meeting.

Last but not least, our thanks to all members who turned up in spite of their other schedules for the day and to Jen Tan Sri Mohd Ghazali bin Dato' Mohd Seth, our RAFOC President for chairing the meeting. All in all it was yet another successful event by RAFOC with an encouraging turnout by its members.

  President's Opening Address
  President's Closing Address